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STEM Activities!

This page is filled with STEM Activities, Lesson Plans, Video Experiments, and More! Contact STEM Agent Stephanie Lamm for more activities and kits. Call us at 970-249-3935

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Quick STEM Activities

One Page STEM Activities!

1. Microbes
2. Yeast
3. Alka-Seltzer Rocket - Part 1
4. Alka-Seltzer Rocket - Part 2
5. DNA
6. DNA Structure
7. DNA Duplication
8. DNA Sequence
9. DNA Crime Scene
10. Pentominos
11. 3D Shapes
12. Aero Design
13. Wind Tunnel
14. Aerodynamic Challenge
15. Bacteria
16. MyPlate
17. Sheep Eye
18. HEAL
19. Gallop
20. Ice Cream
21. Botany
22. Three Sisters
23. Butterflies
24. Tanning Leather - Part 1
25. Tanning Leather - Part 2. Plasma
26. Arthropods
27. Pumpkins
28. World
29. Trash Slayers - Part 1
30. Trash Slayers - Part 2
31. Soil Science - Layers
32. Soil Science - Microbes
33. Plasma
34. Soil Science - Particle Size
35. Soil Science - Clean Water
36. Density
37. Hollow Mask


Lessons in Life Cycles – Chicken Embryology

What came first – The Chicken or the Egg?  Here is your chance to finally figure that out by exploring the life cycle of a chicken!  We are excited to offer three easy to use chicken incubators and full student lesson plans that provide hands on learning about life cycles and chicken raising.  Expand on these materials by diving into topics such as other organism life cycles, agriculture/industry, and careers in Ag!

Loan Kit Cost: $20.00 for incubator, brooder, and hatching supplies* for 1 month. Fertilized eggs not provided!

*Embryology Kit is available to School’s/Non-profits at no cost. Fertilized eggs might be provided depending on availability of local suppliers.  Recommendations are available for venders of fertilized eggs. 

Listed below are materials and resources used for course education:

STEMin @Home Activities – Easy Experiments you can do from home!

In the summer of 2020, we came up with STEM activities and videos youth could watch and participate in at home.  Check out these fun, random, but thrilling activities we came up with to keep us STEMin during COVID! Check out our YouTube page for walk through videos that demo these and other fun projects!

ViralCycles – A Study of Viruses!

With recent events, our STEM team thought it might be useful to have a series of lessons devoted to youth learning about viruses and how a single virus can cause so much upheaval.  This 6 lesson series was developed by Dr. Barbara Shaw with Colorado State University and discusses everything from size, infections rates, and personal protection.  Use the videos to help youth walk through the lessons and learn how to stay safe and healthy!

  1. Video: Safety – Keep Yourself Safe!
  2. Video: Models’ – What is a Virus?
  3. Video: Shapes – What Does a Virus Look Like?
  4. Video: Sizes – How Big/Small is a Virus?
  5. Video: Doubling – Part 1 & Part 2
  6. Video: Contagious! – Part 1 & Part 2

Still Need More STEM Ideas?

We are always on the lookout for interesting STEM (or STEAM!) themed lessons!  See our listing below of short, easy to follow lessons that we have incorporated into youth learning!

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Dr. Barbara Shaw Ph.D. – Emeritus Youth Development 4-H STEM K-12 Specialist, Western Region

Stephanie Lamm – STEM/k12 Program Associate, Tri River Area
Phone: 970-249-3935


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