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Tri River Area CSU Extension - To provide information, education and to encourage the application of research-based knowledge to the communities of Delta, Mesa, Montrose, and Ouray Counties.
TRA 4-H STEM and K12


STEM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math education. It is an interdisciplinary approach that helps students succeed in college and in their future careers. The focus of a STEM education is hands-on, problem-based learning.

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STEM Agent with Youth at the ‘Growing Slime’ Fair Activity 2023

Stephanie Lamm, STEM Program Associate


Phone: 970-249-3935



About Us

   The 4-H School Enrichment and Outreach projects are designed to enhance classroom education with experience-based learning – ”Learn By Doing”.

Classroom-ready projects teach life skills as well as specific subject matter with the help of 4-H Curriculum.

We have a variety of different topics and curriculum we can cover or provide to you! Many of our programs are aligned to CDOE Standards for easy classroom or after school implementation.

Updated in 2021, we invite you to check out our STEM Loan Out Kits, available through the TRA Extension STEM Loan Out program. We currently have 25+ kits fully stocked with lesson plans, hands on activities, and most supplies. Kits can be checked out for 30 days to classrooms, care centers, and even for home use!

We happily provide many of our programs at low cost or free to our communities! Any cost that is associated with our programs is for supplies.


Please explore our updated listing of online STEM Activities and Kits! STEM Programming is available throughout the Tri River Area! 

STEM Activities

STEM Kit Check-Out List

Sample Activity – Soil Science: Separating Soil Particle Size

Print Out for Video: Soil Particle Size: Directions, Datasheet, Lab, and Data Analysis

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Sample programs we provide:

Glo-Germ Activity

Embryology – Grades 1st-5th: Hatch fertilized chicken eggs in your classroom! Kit includes supplies, 6 lessons that are aligned to CDOE Standards, and supplemental curriculum. Kits may be checked out for in-classroom or home use! Fertilized eggs are only provided at no cost to large group/classroom studies due to funding restraints! 

Kevin the Skeleton!

Glo-Germ/Handwashing – Grades K-5th: Teach your students the importance of hand washing to help to stop the spread of illnesses and germs.

Soil Science – Grades 2nd-HS: Soil is the foundation to plant growth, but not all soils are alike. There are different particle sizes in different types of soils. Students learn to collect different samples of soils from around the area and separate the layers and particles. They also perform a survey of the area’s that soils were collected from and journal what soil combinations serve as the best for plant growth. (See sample video above!)

Kevin the Skeleton – All Grades: Kevin is the newest addition to our arsenal of STEM related items! Kevin is full sized and anatomically notated for any classroom or program discussion on the human skeletal system. Check him out today!


 If you are looking for a different type of kit or activity, please contact STEM Agent Stephanie Lamm at 970-249-3935 to find out how CSU Extension can help you!

For more information about what CSU Extension can supply to you and your programs, please check out the CSU STEM Center.


COVID-19 Impact

CSU Extension is closely monitoring and following COVID-19 (Coronavirus) guidance as outlined by public health experts. Our office hours and availability vary by location, please see the Contact Us page for up-to-date office hours or to contact an Agent in your area.