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The 4-H Outdoor Education project provides you with the opportunity to learn skills such as camping, wildlife watching, shooting and hunting skills, and fire building. Participants may study and experience as much as their time and interest allows.

You will learn outdoor safety, decision making, outdoor ethics and more, as you try:

  • Camping and hiking
  • Wildlife watching
  • Shooting and hunting skills
  • Fire building and outdoor cooking
  • Canoe and kayaking
  • Outdoor safety and first aid
  • Outdoor navigation

Colorado Shooting Sports Program

Hunting Skills Curriculum


Did you know?

On average, 2,000 hikers get lost every year.

330 hikers die in the U.S. every year; that is 6 per week.

A person is more likely to die from hiking than skydiving.


Top 7 reasons people die while hiking:

7) Animals-including (but not limited to) mountain lions, snakes, mosquitos, spiders, and bees. Bears are the least likely risk.

6) Temperature – Too hot or Too cold that is the question. Too hot and not enough of #3 can cause severe problems for the body including a state of delirium. Cold can happen rapidly and suddenly, especially when damp or wet.

5) Lightning – These strikes have been known to travel up to 10 miles. Lightning kills about 50 people each year, with 11 being in Colorado.

4) Health Issues – things like heart attacks, ruptured appendix, spreading infections or viruses, and diabetes are a few common health issues.

3) Water – Not Enough; dehydration and thirst can lead to desperate but deadly consequences. Looking for unfiltered or untreated water can have dire consequences if infected with Giardia.

2) Water – Too Much Yes it is a problem to have too much water, in other words, when it surrounds your body; as in a flood or water falls. Sudden down pours miles away will travel downhill, without warning putting you and your health in danger.

1) The Ground – the most dangerous! Not having the proper foot wear, worn out, cheap, and the wrong style, can have the most adverse effect on hiking. Causing slips, trips, and falls.

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