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Tri River Area CSU Extension - To provide information, education and to encourage the application of research-based knowledge to the communities of Delta, Mesa, Montrose, and Ouray Counties.


STEM Loan Out Kits

STEM Learning Kits on available for loan out from Colorado State University Extension services.  Many kits are currently available for check out in Tri River Area counties (Mesa, Delta, Montrose, & Ouray)



STEM Kits for Loan Out

To check out a STEM kit fill out the request form here.


STEM Kit List

Brain Teasers – (All Ages)

Bubbles Galore! – (All Ages)

Catapult Fling! – (1st-5th Grades)

Cellular Respiration – (All Grades) – NEW!

Dissection Discoveries – (All Grades) – NEW!

Embryology (Hatching) – (1st-5th Grades)

Entomology Display Box – (All Ages)

Forensic Science – (All Ages)

Glo Germ (Handwashing) – (K-5th Grades)

Grab and Go Electricity – (3rd-5th Grades) – NEW!

Here Comes the Sun – (K-2nd Grades)

Insulation Investigation – (K-4th Grades)

Invertebrates (Entomology) – (K-12th Grades)

Measuring Up – (1st-3rd Grades) – NEW!

Motion Commotion – (K-2nd Grades)

Moving Makers – (K-2nd Grades) 

Pigments in Soil – (All Ages) – NEW!

Soil, It’s Alive! – (MS/HS)

Soil Science – (2nd-12th Grades)

Solids, Liquids, and Gases, Oh My! – (1st-2nd Grades)

Staying Alive – (1st-2nd Grades)

Straw Rockets – (1st-6th Grades)

Water Bottle Rockets – (1st-6th Grades)

Water Pollution – (1st-5th Grades)

Water Windmill Challenge – (3rd-12th Grades)

Weather Bear – (1st-3rd Grades)


MINI-STEM Kit Descriptions

Bell Jar and Vacuum Pump Set – (MS/HS)

Drone Discovery – (4th-12th Grades)

Explorers of the Deep! (3rd-8th Grades)

Home Energy Audit HEAL (All Ages)

MARs Mission (3rd-8th Grades)

Mini Wind Turbine 2.0 – (3rd-6th Grades)

Motion Commotion (Mini) – (4th-12th Grades)

Rockets to the Rescue – (4th-12th Grades)

Skeleton Kevin – (All Ages)

Solar Energy – (3rd- 12th Grades)

Click here for Descriptions and More information.

STEM/K-12 Media

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COVID-19 Impact

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