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Tri River Area CSU Extension - To provide information, education and to encourage the application of research-based knowledge to the communities of Delta, Mesa, Montrose, and Ouray Counties.
Delta County Pig Show

Delta County Fair – July 29th – August 7th, 2022

Need Delta Fair information? Take a look at their website here!
Delta County Fair Entry Forms ~ Open Entries only at the Fair!

Horse EntryBeef EntryGoat EntrySheep EntrySwine EntryRabbit/Poultry/Dairy Entry 

Dog EntryPen of 3 EntryOpen Class Livestock EntryNon-Livestock EntryShooting Sports Entry

COVID-19 Impact

CSU Extension is closely monitoring and following COVID-19 (Coronavirus) guidance as outlined by public health experts. Our office hours and availability vary by location, please see the Contact Us page for up-to-date office hours or to contact an Agent in your area.

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