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Welcome to the CSU Western Region Extension Local Listing page where you can browse local crop and livestock commodities for sale, agricultural services that are being offered in your area, and current Ag job listings. 

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Current Listings


LOCATION: Hotchkiss, CO
DESCRIPTION: I do some small fieldwork marking, harrowing, ditching, brush hogging ext. $85.00 per hour.
CONTACT: Zach Hotchkiss, 970-250-5542,
DATE: March 20, 2020

DESCRIPTION: Certified and insured mobile welding services. Equipment repairs, irrigation structures, fencing, structural and pipe.
CONTACT: Jason, 970-316-1502,
DATE: March 20, 2020

LOCATION: Hotchkiss, CO
DESCRIPTION: Let us help you market and sell your cattle. We reach the largest buyers pool all across the US. Offering several avenues for any producer to sell your cattle.
CONTACT: Clay Norell, 970-210-5904,
DATE: March 20, 2020


LOCATION: Grand Junction, CO
DESCRIPTION: We have been producing our Gourmet ‘Cheesecakes in a Jar’ for 15 years and are looking to expand the markets where our products can be sold. These are frozen. We currently have 17 varieties of cheesecakes, including 5 Gluten-Free. We also have 4 varieties of our ‘Savory Craft Spreads’,(technically Savory Appetizer Cheesecakes), also frozen.
Our Shelf-Stable line has started with our Award-Winning (Good Food Awards in San Francisco, Chile Pepper Magazine Awards)’Colorado-Style’ Southern Chow Chow, or as we like to call it, a Sweet Heat.
This has a shelf-life, unopened on your shelves, of up to 1 year and does not require refrigeration until opened.
The Dessert ‘Cheesecakes in a Jar’ wholesale for $3.50 or less, depending on quantity.
The Savories, wholesale for $5.50 or less, depending on quantity.
The Chow Chow wholesales for $6.66 or less, depending on quantity.
All products come in cases of 12 and you can mix and match flavors on the Cheesecakes & Savories.
CONTACT: Lee Mathis, 970-208-8808,,
DATE: May 4, 2020

LOCATION: Cedaredge, Colorado
DESCRIPTION: Grand Mesa Creamery offers artisan farmstead goat cheeses made by hand in small batches.
We believe in sustainable agriculture, and a humane natural approach to animal husbandry. Our goats, our milk, our cheese.
CONTACT: David & Lynae Rogers, 970-856-7040,
DATE: April 15, 2020

LOCATION: Hotchkiss, CO
DESCRIPTION: We have a few cows and a few steers available to families that are in need of beef. The price will be right around current market value. I can deliver to local processors in Delta or Montrose.
CONTACT: Zach Hotchkiss, 970-250-5542,
DATE: March 20, 2020

DESCRIPTION: We grow and sell a wide variety of shade, fruit, ornamental, and conifer trees. Deciduous trees sell for $120 per caliper inch and conifer are $40 per foot. We offer wholesale pricing for orders of 20 or more trees.
CONTACT: Clay and Megan Tallmadge, 970-946-5763,
DATE: March 20, 2020

DESCRIPTION: Rancho Molina High Country Pastured Meats provides delicious beef, pork and lamb to your front door. Currently delivering in and around the Grand Junction area. Please check out our website to see what is available
CONTACT: Ben and Heather Nara, 970-250-1918,
DATE: April 23, 2020

LOCATION: Grand Junction, CO
DESCRIPTION: We are a local pretzel maker creating spicy flavorful snack pretzels. We have 10 levels of heat in two different styles, (traditional bar style and sourdough). We are looking for local markets to sell our product. Our product ranges from $3.00 up to $30.00 depending on the quantity.
CONTACT: Sean Roth, 720-690-4596,
DATE: April 23, 2020

LOCATION: 488 S Avalon Drive, Norwood, CO 81423
DESCRIPTION: We sell everything from Fruits, Vegetables, Greens & Herbs, Eggs, Meats, Cheeses, Milk, Bread, Jams, Applesauce, Quinoa,
Dried Beans, frozen meals, granola, frozen pizza dough’s and more all grown or produced sustainably from regional farms, ranches, dairies,
bakers, and chefs on the Western Slope of Colorado. Prices vary for this array of offerings. We help connect residents of Ridgway, Placerville, Sawpit, Lawson Hill, Mountain Village, Ski Ranches, Ophir, Rico and Telluride with regional, sustainably raised foods that are good for their nutrition, our planet, and our regional economy. Our work allows farmers and ranchers to do what they do best and remain on their land to do the work they need to do, while we collect it directly from farms and sell it to our customers.
HELP WANTED: Not currently hiring, yet folks are encouraged to reach out if they have a particular skill set that they think could be of use and plan on living in the Norwood or Telluride areas.
CONTACT: Vicki Renda, 646-245-6580,
DATE: April 23, 2020

Help Wanted & In Search Of: 

LOCATION: Montrose or Delta County
DESCRIPTION: ISO pasture for 10 head of sheep to lease in Delta or Montrose county.
CONTACT: Dawn Casey, call or text 970-318-0807
DATE: September 9, 2020

LOCATION: Mesa County
DESCRIPTION: Hello my name is Jesse Stewart I have 2.5 years of experience working with cattle, horses, hogs, chickens, and other livestock. I was working on my Grandfather’s ranch before he just recently passed. I am a hard working who is motivated to do the best job I can. I miss being out on the ranch and I would love to help you out with whatever you may need assistance with. I can clean stalls and feed. I helped get calves and hogs ready for purchase I have also helped give vaccines. If you have any work around your place that you are looking for someone to help with please keep me in mind.
CONTACT: Jesse Stewart, 970-216-4396,
DATE: April 1, 2020

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