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Tri River Area CSU Extension - To provide information, education and to encourage the application of research-based knowledge to the communities of Delta, Mesa, Montrose, and Ouray Counties.

The Tri River Area (TRA) is comprised of four counties (Delta, Mesa, Montrose, and Ouray) and three major rivers (Uncompahgre, Gunnison, and Colorado). There are approximately 160,000 irrigated acres in the TRA. The majority of the population resides in the four main cities of Grand Junction, Delta, Montrose and Ouray.

Online Land Stewardship Program!

The Land Stewardship badge program includes seven courses, each designed in recognition of our collective responsibility to retain the quality of our land, air, water and biodiversity, and to manage resources in a way that protects and conserves their value.

Small Acreage Management 

Extension Disaster Education Network

This is a great website that helps reduce the impact of disasters through education. It offers recovery resources, webinars, courses and exercises provided by the USDA NIFA, and Cooperative Extensions throughout the U.S. Take a look at Colorado's state information!

Extension Disaster Education Network 

Emergency Preparedness

Click the link below for an extensive list of emergency preparedness resources for emergencies such as fire, drought, snow & avalanche, animal care during emergencies, and other resources.

Resource List 

COVID-19 Impact

CSU Extension is closely monitoring and following COVID-19 (Coronavirus) guidance as outlined by public health experts. Our office hours and availability vary by location, please see the Contact Us page for up-to-date office hours or to contact an Agent in your area.