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Tri-River Area 4-H


About Us

4-H Youth Development & Mentoring Programs

4-H Mission

4-H empowers youth to reach their full potential, working and learning in partnership with caring adults.

4-H Vision

A world in which youth and adults learn, grow and work together as catalysts for positive change.

Preparing young people to make a positive impact in their communities and the world.


  • The caring support of adult volunteers and mentors inspires young people in 4-H to work collaboratively, take the lead on their own projects and set and achieve goals with confidence. 4-H’ers chart their own course, explore important issues and define their place in the world. 4-H’ers stand up for themselves and their communities.

    Who We Are

    4-H’ers across the nation are responding to challenges every day in their communities and their world.
        4-H is the nation’s largest youth development organization, empowering six million young people throughout the United States! With 611,800 volunteers, 3,500 professionals, and more than 25 million alumni, the 4-H movement supports young people from elementary school through high school with programs designed to shape future leaders and innovators. Fueled by research-driven programming, 4-H’ers engage in hands-on learning activities in the areas of science, citizenship and healthy living.

    Proven Results

    4-H’ers are:

    • Four times more likely to make contributions to their communities (Grades 7-12);
    • Two times more likely to be civically active (Grades 8-12);
    • Two times more likely to make healthier choices (Grade 7);
    • Two times more likely to participate in Science, Engineering and Computer Technology programs during out-of-school time (Grades 10 – 12); and
    • 4-H girls are two times  more likely (Grade 10) and nearly three times more likely (Grade 12) to take part in science programs compared to girls in other out-of-school time activities.

    Who can join 4-H?

    Any youth age 5-18 years old youth. Check out a project you can be involved in here! 

    2017-2018 Project List

    Cloverbud Members fee (ages 5-7) is $30.00 Cloverbud Flyer
    Club Member fee (ages 8-18) is $50.00 for the first two projects and $5.00 for each additional project.
    For more information on the Tri River Area 4-H Programs please contact your local 4-H Office.

     The 4-Hs

    Head, Heart, Hands, and Health are the four Hs in 4-H, and they are the four values members work on through fun and engaging programs.
    Head – Managing, Thinking
    Heart – Relating, Caring
    Hands – Giving, Working
    Health – Being, Living

The 4-H Pledge

I pledge my head to clearer thinking,
My heart to greater loyalty,
My hands to larger service,
and my health to better living,
for my club, my community, my country, and my world.

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Montrose and Ouray Counties Extension



upcoming_events_iconMontrose and Ouray County Newsletters     

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Montrose and Ouray County 4-H Clubs

Cake Decorating

Montrose/Ouray County 4-H Forms

Montrose fair and rodeoMontrose and Ouray County Fair                                                 

Visit here to find fair entries and general Montrose and Ouray County Fair information.


 Contact us at:

     Montrose Extension Office

         1001 North 2nd Street Montrose, CO 81401


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Delta County Extension


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Cloverbud CampDelta County 4-H Forms


Delta County FairDelta County Fair                                                                     

Visit here to find fair entries and general Delta County Fair information.

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Delta County 4-H Clubs

 Contact us at:

     Delta Extension Office

       525 Dodge Street Delta, CO 81416


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Mesa County Extension


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Mesa County 4-H Forms
Fair Season
Mesa County Fair                                                                        Visit here to find fair entries and general Mesa County Fair information.
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Mesa County 4-H Clubs

Contact us at:

     Mesa Extension Office

      2775 Hwy 50 Grand Junction, CO 81503


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TRA 4-H STEM and K12

   The 4-H School Enrichment and Outreach projects are designed to enhance classroom education with experience-based learning—”Learn By Doing”. Classroom-ready projects teach life skills as well as specific subject matter with the help of 4-H Curriculum.

We have a variety of different topics and curriculum we can cover or provide to you! Many of our programs are aligned to CDOE Standards for easy classroom or after school implementation.
WRoboticse are happy to be able to provide all of our programs at a low cost or free to our communities! Any cost that is associated with programs is for supplies.

Please take a look at the list of activities that can be shared or available kits for checkout here in the Tri-River Area.

STEM Kit List

STEM Activities


 We also provide:
EmbryologyEmbryology- Grade 1-5, Hatch chicken eggs in your classroom! Includes supplies, 5 lessons that are aligned to CDOE Standards, and supplemental curriculum.
Glo-Germ- Teach your students the importance of hand washing to help to stop the spread of illnesses and germs.
Cooking With Kids-  Grade 4- Empower kids to make healthy food choices through hands-on learning with fresh, affordable food from diverse cultural traditions. (Multi-class or single class). Two different types of class sets available- Tasting classes and cooking classes. (Cost varies with class)
 Fair Science DayIf you are looking for a different type of kit or activity, please contact 970-249-3935 or Nicole Goza at to find out how CSU Extension can help you!

For more information about what CSU Extension can supply to you and your programs please click here.






4-H Calendar

2018 Spring Gather Open Ranch Horse Show & Clinic

TRA 2017 Calendar

Montrose Shooting Sports Calendar

Delta Shooting Sports Calendar

Upcoming Events:

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Discover 4-H
Find all the resources you need here!

Enroll in 4-H (

2017-2018 Project List

Colorado 4-H

4-H Project Requirements and Record Books

State and National events and opportunities

4-H Foundation


2017-2018 4-H Manual and Policies is current under review



Montrose/Ouray Extension: 970-249-3935

Delta Extension: 970-874-2195

Mesa Extension: 970-244-1834







Enrollment Flyer4-H Enrollment is now open!

4-H is open to any person from the age 5-18, as well as adult volunteers! (Age 5-7 are Cloverbuds and

8-18 are 4-H Members)

*To enroll in 4-H please go to
1.You will need to make a new member/family profile.
2.Once your family profile is set up, you will then add individual youth and adults. As you enter information please look over it carefully to make sure it is correct.
3. Once all profile information is entered press “submit enrollment”.
4. Your county Extension Office will relieve a notice of your enrollment!
5. Visit your local Extension office to fill out any additional waivers and to pay for 4-H fees.

6. Congratulations you are enrolled in 4-H!

Please contact your local CSU Extension Office for any enrollment help!
Montrose: 970-249-3935
Delta: 970-874-2195
Mesa: 970-244-1834