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Resources and Information for Specific Species



Stocking Rate Calculators

Stocking Rate Calculator

The above stocking rate calculators are based on published dry matter forage requirements for animals and wildlife.

Pasture, Rangeland, Forage (PRF) Insurance: A possible Drought Management Tool for Colorado Ranchers:

  • Agriculture production is a financially risky business. Forage losses from drought are common occurrence on Colorado pastures and rangelands. For more information click here.

Other Resources

Colorado Department of Agriculture
Colorado Department of Agriculture: Animal Health Division
  • Led by the Colorado State Veterinarian, the Animal Health Division is responsible for animal health and disease control activities in Colorado.
Colorado Hay Directory
CSU Veterinary Labs: Animal Health Division
  • Livestock health information and veterinary expertise in multiple fields related to livestock health and productivity, food safety, and public health.
Guide to Poisonous Plants
  • Responsible for developing and executing federal government policy on farming, agriculture, forestry, and food.