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March ? ~ Everything’s Running Together…

Ok, that’s not totally true, but I’m sure that’s how many families are starting to feel right now. Good News!? There’s a lot of fun stuff out there to help parents keep their kids learning and their sanity turning.

Now is the perfect time of year to be at home during the day. Gardening season is beginning and kids love to get dirty. Have them start their own little sprouts indoors and then transfer them outside when it warms up a little more. They will love watching their little sprouts take shape.

Want to add a little education to the planting? Have kids do a nature walk out and around the house. Flowers are blooming, pick some of the flowers and take them inside for a dissection discussion. Break the flower down one section at a time and define the parts.

Older children can be encouraged to make a Flower Inventory poster. Materials are simply: paper, tape, and writing utensil. Then have them pair up parts and label. They can even do show and tell when the rest of the family gathers for dinner.

Depending on the availability, kids can dissect different flowers to see the similarities and differences between them.

Anyhow, the sun is out and it’s a good idea to get some vitamin D to fight off sickness. So Get up, Get outside, and Do something fun!

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