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March 18th ~ A Pandemic of FUN Activities to use at home!

Who’s tired of hearing about COVID-19? The seriousness of this outbreak not being overlooked….I think it’s time to ignore the news for a little while and instead focus on fun activities and resources for parents to use with their at home kiddo’s!

Colorado STEM Projects: Many topic areas and STEM concepts to work on at home.

National 4-H STEM Labs (Do at home activities):

  • Looking for easy ways to get your kids interested in science? STEM Lab provides fun, hands-on STEM activities for kids of all ages to do anywhere!
  • These hands-on activities are designed to instill curiosity and critical thinking, helping kids develop skills to be successful in life. They are also fun, easy to do, and feature a messy factor just for you! Check out the activities below today to get started.
  • With the support of HUGHESNET, 4‑H is bringing some of the best STEM activities from its land grant university network and other education partners to STEM Lab. 4‑H has clubs in every county across the nation and STEM Lab can help you bring 4‑H experiential learning to your family.

DIY Projects with STEM Concepts:

National Center for Youth Issues Facebook Page: NCYI has tons of activities and online events planned too keep youth engaged! Reading with Julia schedule posted below!

Additionally follow my postings on Facebook:

More to be posted later on!


Google “Expeditions” App – Kids can go on virtual tours all over the world while in the safety of their own home!

Discovery Network – Taking learning beyond the classroom!

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