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Feb 26th & 27th ~ Mesa County Safety Fair

This past week I teamed up with Mesa County 4-H Agent Melissa Wonnenberg to bring the CSU STEM Mobile Energy Trailer to the Mesa County Safety Fair. Grand Valley Power electrical coop sponsored our attendance at this awesome event where over 2,000 mesa county elementary school children were able to come and learn about safety and energy!

The kids were introduced to may types of energy production including crank, click circuits, fruit powered, and wind energy.

Thanks to our Partners Grand Valley Power for sponsoring our trailer at the fair! Melissa Models!

The kids really enjoyed tinkering with the clip circuits and following new pathways and connections to try to make things move or light up! Sometimes their paths didn’t work, but with a few helpful hints, they were able to make things happen.

The trailer itself is equipped to be totally run on power generated from solar cells OR wind power, but since we were inside the mall, those sources were not available to demonstrate. However, we were able to bring out a box fan and small scale wind turbine to demonstrate the power generation through wind! We hooked the turbine up to both an LED light and a meter so kids could see it at work and see the power generation in units! Kids were amazed!

Overall the Safety Fair was a great experience for us and a good way to expose the Energy Trailer, which was created through money sponsored by Grand Valley Power and 20+ other Colorado Electrical Coops around the state.

We look forward to more opportunities to bring this trailer and all it has to offer to our surrounding communities.

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