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Jan 14th ~ Updoing an old Favorite!

Tuesday brought me back into the Delta Life Skills group to bring some spice to a favorite meal – pasta!

The girls group have learned in previous lessons how to make spaghetti for their families, but what happens when traditional spaghetti gets old? You add a new twist to the old fav.

We learned how to make Home-Made Chicken Parmesan!

During this lesson, girls learned to cut whole chicken breasts in half to increase portions, how to triple recipe measurements, assembly line preparation, and about the differences between cheeses even when they look the same.

They really enjoyed using my meat mallet to squish down the meat, although some might have beat their meat a little too thin (they were having fun!).

Note: No food was shared with the public! Hands were all washed!

Now even though we were making something new (none of these girls had tried Chicken Parm before) there was still some hesitation when adding ingredients. Some girls wanted less cheese or sauce, while others wanted extra everything. We talked about the balance of ingredients and when it’s okay to add/reduce and when its not okay.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to stay and taste their hard work. However, I was contacted later that evening by the class facilitator who said the girls all LOVED the dish! They even divided up the extras between them for lunches the next day.

Another successful and delectable lesson!

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