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October 26th ~ Meeker Hogwarts Night!

There was Magic in the Air!

Sometimes my STEM Agent persona gets to get outta town and do bigger events with her STEM skills. Meeker was a haunting experience to say the least – because I felt like I’d stepped into Hogwarts Academy.

Hogwarts Night in Meeker

This was my first experience at Hogwarts Night, and I wasn’t disappointed! Meeker county 4-H puts on their annual event around Halloween each year hosting about 300 kids and their families for an exciting night of characters, games, rides, mazes, and magic!

This year, I brought the magic!

Young wizards began sharpening their skills on creating and balancing dry ice bubbles. If they were really adapt they could even form their own crystal ball.

Crystal Bucket Ball

From there they turned glue into slime in Alchemy, discovered magic charms with their wands and had to write them in invisible ink (pH indicator revealed the message), and even dabbled in Herbology by growing their own Mandrake pet.

Flame Test

But by far the most impressive lesson was the Protection Against the Dark Arts. Using different sodium chemicals, kids took their magic probes, dipped them, and burnt them in an alcohol flame to see what color the flame would change to. Flames changed from oranges to lavender to reds! The adults got into it too!

Overall, Hogwarts Night in Meeker was a fun and magical experience I won’t soon forget. If you are up for traveling, the trip was worth the drive. Check out what Tera and the crew have in their cauldron next year!

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