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Sept 16-17 ~ EUREKA KIDS CAMP in Grand Junction

Cooking Up Nutrition!

Spinach Pops, with kale, chia seeds, OJ, yogurt, peaches, and bananas! Yum!

This last week I was invited to help conduct a nutrition camp at the newly constructed CSU Orchard Mesa Research Center in Grand Junction. In partnership with Amanda McQuade at Community Alliance for Education and Hunger Relief and CSU Extension Family and Consumer Science Agent Ann Duncan, we hosted 25 3rd-6th graders for a 2 day healthy eating and cooking camp!

Picking peppers for the food bank

While there, we picked our own produce from the garden and prepared yummy snacks like baked apples and spinach smoothies, granola energy bites, and even made our own veggie stir fry, testing out 5 different sauces on our mix.

I was even able to present a STEM lesson on the Sugar Content of various common name products. Kids measured out how may cups of sugar they thought was contained in each product, and then were amazed and astounded by the actual amounts of sugar in each product. We discussed the difference between natural and added sugars and learned what the recommendations for each kids sugar intake are! 

Overall camp was a lot of fun! So many new recipes to try!

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