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Oct 21st & 25th ~ Johnson Elementary 1st Grade Visit

Jamming with Germs!

Johnson Elementary 1st grade is doing their part to live healthier and more active lives! Back in October, I was invited into their classrooms to help them look for bacteria (Germs!) around them that they couldn’t see with just their eyes.

We started out on a Monday by talking a little about germs and what types of bacteria are found around us, good and bad bacteria, and good tips for being healthy.

Image result for image swab and petri dish
A swab and petri nutrient dish (before germ growth)

Next I encouraged all students to wash their hands, and then each put a finger print on the petri (germ depository) dish. Then, students were challenged to take swabs from 1 of 4 places around their classrooms: the sink, their desks, and….my cell phone…. among other class specific locations.

The results were…well judge for yourself

Johnson 1st Grade Germ Swab Results!

DISGUSTING!!!!!! Oh you bet I went home and cleaned my cell phone!

After viewing the bacteria cultures on some pretty cool technology provided by Mrs. Martin at Johnson (Christmas list now includes USB Microscopes….) we talked about who students should present their findings too and what ways they could help to control the bacteria growth in their classrooms.

Overall, I think 1st grade will never look at a cell phone the same way again….

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