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Oct 21-22 ~ Oak Grove Elementary 3rd Grade PBL

Birds and Bird Feeders!

Bagel feeders displayed outside classroom

3rd grade at Oak Grove is studying animals that use Spring Creek during the winter months. Since kids spend so much time indoors during the winter, what better way to observe the birds than by building bird feeders for outside their classroom windows!

Students wanted to learn what diets birds best like to eat when given a choice. They crafted 6 bagel bird feeders using a variety of different ingredients including: Lard, Birdseed, Sunflower Seeds, Crackers, and Oats. the bird feeders were all weighed before being hung up outside for a week of observations.

Oat bagel 2nd weighing

3rd graders then watched out their windows to see all the different feathered friends that came to eat up the yummy treats.

Can you guess what bird feeder was most popular when we re-weighed the feeders a week later? HINT: It shouldn’t surprise you!

One Response on “Oct 21-22 ~ Oak Grove Elementary 3rd Grade PBL

  1. Vicki Conley says:

    Looked good enough to eat!

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