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YouTube videos


Fireblight is a bacterial disease that is showing up more this year. Learn how to manage it in this video.

Tomato Problems – Produced by Tagawa Gardens

~Common tomato problems and how to alleviate them
Cytospora Cankers

~How to stop Cytospora Cankers
Planting a Fall Vegetable Garden – Produced by Tagawa Gardens

~All you need to know about planting a Vegetable Garden with cooler temperatures
Growing Herbs, Produced by Tagawa Gardens

~A beginners guide to planting and growing herbs
Dividing Iris and Daylilies, Produced by Tagawa Gardens

~The best ways to divide Iris and Daylilies to get beautiful flowering in the Spring


YouTube videos

Managing Elm Scale Steve Geist, SavATree (formerly Swingle)

~Learn some ways to keep elm scale in check
Tomato Problems – Produced by Tagawa Gardens

~The fix for common tomato problems
How to Plant Perennials – Produced by Tagawa Gardens

~Perennials are a garden favorite. Learn the best ways to plant for optimum growth.
Cytospora Cankers

~Plants that are stressed are more susceptible. How to control this disease on woody shrubs and trees.
Ohio Buckeye

~Learn the special characteristics of the Ohio Buckeye Tree
Specialty Succulents – Produced by Tagawa Gardens

~Succulents add interest to the garden; learn how to care for them in this video.
Vermicomposting – Produced by Tagawa Gardens

~How to use worms to compost at your home


Bee Care: How to prevent harming your garden’s little friends: bees.

Rainwater Harvesting: Everything you need to know about harvesting rainwater.

Keep the flowers blooming: Maintain your perennials to prolong flowering season.

Pesky squirrels: Pesky squirrels can cause damage to your carefully planned garden.