Tri River Area CSU Extension - To provide information, education and to encourage the application of research-based knowledge to the communities of Delta, Mesa, Montrose, and Ouray Counties.
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The Colorado State University Extension Tri River Area Horticulture Program extends research-based information about plant-related concerns to home gardeners, the Green Industry (nurseries, sod farms, lawn care companies, arborists, etc.), commercial vegetable producers, government entities, and other community members and agencies in Mesa, Delta, Montrose, San Miguel and Gunnison Counties. Information is also provided on a state, interstate, and international level because of our efforts.

Major program areas and educational activities include but are not limited to:

  • Insect and plant disease diagnosis
  • Master Gardener program
  • Workshops for ‘Green Industry Professionals’ and backyard gardeners
  • Expertise regarding sod farms, pesticide application, commercial nursery production, greenhouse crop production and vegetable crops.
  • Soil and water testing for soluble salts and related soils information.

In addition to our program areas we also invite you to visit the Ute Ethno-botanical Learning Garden.The two and a half acre Ute Learning Garden features native plants that were used by the Utes on their annual migrations.  Berms in the garden group the plants into life zones representing the altitudes and ecosystems of Western Colorado. The garden features wickiups, a tipi and a shade structure and interpretive signs that describe Ute culture and history.  Tours available. For a Visit Request Form click here.

For a map of the gardens, please see below or click here for larger image:Ute Learning Garden MapCome visit us! ULGVisit Request Form

Watch this cool video discussing the Ute Learning Garden! Building Relationships with Indian Tribes

Contact Us:

Susan Carter, Horticulture Agent

Phone: 970-244-1850
Fax: 970-244-1700

Christine Prins, TRA Master Gardener Coordinator

Phone: 970-244-1841
Fax: 970-244-1700

Hot Topics

Grant Award

The Colorado State University Extension, Tri River Area, Horticulture Department has received a $7,500 grant from the Colorado Garden Foundation for the Tri River Area Arboretum and Demonstration Garden Xeriscape and Pollinator Project. For more info, please look at the following press release.

Bees Swarming?

Don’t hurt the bees, just call Western Colorado Beekeepers Association who can safely remove the bees! Please call 970-812-0080

For Western Colorado Beekeepers Association website, please click here.

Plant Diagnostics.

Plant Problems? Bring us a fresh sample!

  • Master Gardener diagnosticians are meeting each week in each of our offices, to examine the plant samples that have been brought to us and try to determine the cause of the problems.
  • Do you want to bring in a plant sample? Here are several things you can do to help out the diagnostic team:
    • Provide as fresh a sample as possible. Plants left in a hot car become much harder to identify.
      Tomatoes with Blossom End Rot

      Tomatoes with Blossom End Rot

    • Make sure to bring as much of the plant as possible, including the root where feasible. You should also bring along some of the soil, so it can be tested for salts.
    • Bring in both an area of the plant that is suffering, and if possible an adjacent section that is doing well. This is especially helpful with turf samples.
    • If you need the plant identified, flowers and/or fruit will make diagnosis easier.
  • When you come to the office, the Master Gardeners will have you fill out a form that asks a number of questions about the plant. Answering these as thoroughly as possible is very helpful! You can reach the Master Gardeners at each of our offices. In Delta, we’re at 874-2195; in Montrose, at 249-3935, and in Grand Junction we’re at 244-1836. Leave a message and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.
Colorado State Seedling Tree Program – Tri River Area
  • Low-cost seedling trees and shrubs are provided each year by the Colorado State Forest Service, for homeowners to use as windbreaks, re-vegetation, wildlife habitat, etc. Trees cannot be resold as living plants. Get your order in as soon as possible for the best selection. You can visit the Forest Service website at for information on the plants such as height and width, drought tolerance, recommended altitude range, wildlife value and so forth, to help you make your selections.
  • Sales begin in November and continue through April with delivery in early May. Be sure to place your orders early as trees may sell out and are provided on a first come first serve basis.
  • To be placed on the mailing list for the upcoming Seedling Tree Program, contact your local Extension Office in Mesa County call 970-244-1834, in Delta County call 970-874-2195 or Montrose/Ouray Counties 970-249-3935.